We are always committed to ensuring that all of our customers, all over the world, are 100% satisfied with any purchase they make from us. To that extent, every effort is made by us to fulfill each and every order that our customers place with us – to their fullest satisfaction!

We have a highly experienced customer service team, who ensures that your orders are sent to you – FAST – irrespective of where you might be based in the world.

But, we do understand that there might be some reason for which you wish to cancel an order. As such, you will be pleased to see that we have kept our cancellation policy as flexible as possible.

Our Cancellation Policy Is Based On The Following Criterion:


Purchase quantity available is limited: If you order a lesser product quantity or if the product you ordered is unavailable, then the cancellation policy is effective.
Disputes and complaints: If you happen to have any kind of dispute with the product, immediately contact our customer support team, so that a solution can be sought.
Unavailability of stock: When you have ordered a product that is not available with us, the cancellation policy is applicable.
Cancellation by customer: You are free to cancel your order at anytime, only you must provide us with a valid reason for doing so.
Non-Receipt of Payment: If you have not paid for your order, it will be treated as cancelled.
Refund: If you have paid by credit card or check or money order and if the amount has not been deposited, you can ask for your order to be cancelled.
Complete satisfaction: In the unlikely event that you are not happy with any of your purchases from us, all you have to do is report it to our customer care team. In case they are unable to resolve your issue, either your money will be returned or you will get a replacement of your order.