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There is a shipping fee on every order. The weight of the medication(s) will determine this shipping fee. For your order to be shipped to you, it is important to understand that you allow a minimum of 10 business days. Kindly take note of this, considering the amount of medications that have to be shipped out by us, all over the world. To ensure that your medicines reach you before you run out of stock, kindly place your order well in advance.


Our policies and shipping rates keep changing from time to time. With these changes, there may or may not be any notice given. Keeping yourself up-to-date with the changes, is up to you. We ship to home addresses and we also ship to P.O. boxes in States. If any packages have been dispatched by military mail, there is a possibility that these packages could be delayed due to the handling process of the mail of the military. All orders will be shipped out in a minimum of two days.


Your default shipping address is accepted as the one that has been used by you, when you placed your last order with OnlinemedsAustralia. If you wish to provide a different shipping address, you can easily do so at the time of checking out your order. In your personal account, you will easily be able to change your shipping address. Any kind of changes that you would do to your personal account, with regards to your shipping address, would not have any effect to any current order that you would have made.

The medication that you order from us, will be in generic form. At OnlinemedsAustralia, we do not sell brand name medicines. As such, it is vital that you inform your physician about this, so that he/she can give you in writing, the exact prescription and the right dosage meant for you.


OnlinemedsAustralia is in no way responsible for any of the orders that are in transit to you. It is you who has accepted the responsibility that the order made by you, has been imported to your country. Any delays that have arisen due to the delivery service or due to the Customs Department of your Government, is beyond the control of OnlinemedsAustralia.

If it so happens that your order does not reach you in the stipulated delivery period, you agree that you will wait for an extra 7 days, before asking for a reshipment of the same order.


By placing any order from us, you agree that you will pay any charges on these goods that you import to your country, as is asked for by the Customs Department. If charged by the Customs Department, you agree that these charges are payable by you and you alone, to your Customs Department and OnlinemedsAustralia has no responsibility whatsoever, to pay these charges. It is also your understanding that there could be the possibility of a delay arising, while you pay these charges to your Customs Department.


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  • All of our products are priced in US dollars.
  • Every effort has been taken by us to ensure that the availability of the products on the website, as well as the pricing is up to date and accurate. But, in some rare event, there could be an error with the availability of a product or with the pricing of a product. In such an event, we are in no way responsible for any such errors and we reserve full rights to cancel any such order placed.
  • We reserve total rights to correct any omissions or inaccuracies that are related to the product description, availability of the product or pricing of the product- even after you have placed your order.
  • We reserve full rights to update or change any information on the website, without any prior notice.
  • Our delivery charges could vary, depending upon the kind of purchase you have made and also upon the location of the delivery. We offer FREE delivery on almost all purchases*
  • The time of delivery could vary, based on the kind of product you have ordered and also on the location of the delivery.


The utmost care has been taken by us to ensure that the OnlinemedsAustralia website is available 24/7, 365 days in the year. But, due to technical issues, issues with the server, maintenance and reasons which are beyond our control, there could be times when the website is temporarily unavailable. OnlinemedsAustralia does not guarantee uninterrupted access to this website and any other linked website. Though, when we do know of any scheduled maintenance that is going to be carried out to the website, we may issue a notice, though we are not in any way obliged to do so.


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  • If you happen to be the patient or the parent/authorized person who is acting on behalf of the patient, then you have authorized and appointed the Pharmacy OnlinemedsAustralia and/or its affiliates, as your attorney and agent, to take all the necessary steps and sign all the required documents and to act on your behalf, as though you were actually present and acting for yourself, for the limited purposes of: (a) Getting a valid prescription for any prescription that you will have sent to the OnlinemedsAustralia Pharmacy and (b) Packaging being done by all of your orders of prescriptions and them being delivered to you. By making such kind of a purchase from us, you thereby authorize OnlinemedsAustralia and/or its affiliates, to ship out the order to you, by courier or post, to the location which has been designated. This authorization that has been given by you, shall be inclusive of, but shall in no way be limited to: the collection and use of your personal information, as well as your personal health information, as has been deemed as required for your order to be fulfilled and also that, “YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THESE TERMS AND AGREE THAT THEY SHALL BE BINDING UPON YOU AND YOUR ASSIGNS, HEIRS AND PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES.”
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  • We reserve complete rights to limit the order quantity of any of the products on the website, without giving any prior notice.
  • We reserve full right to discontinue any offer or program on the website.
  • OnlinemedsAustralia reserves full rights to accept or decline any order that has been placed by you, with total discretion, without any liability at all to you.
  • If you happen to be the parent/legal guardian/authorized person, acting on behalf of the patient, the name of who has been disclosed herein, you hereby affirm that you are over 18 years of age and that you have full authority to sign for, as well as to make available the above representations, to the OnlinemedsAustralia Pharmacy and/or its affiliates, on behalf of the patient.


  • It is required by OnlinemedsAustralia that the Customer or the User or the Caregiver, confirms that he/she is fully aware of the drug interactions, side effects and the indications, as well as the effects of an overdose or a missed dose, of any of the medicines that he/she has ordered from us. Before making a purchase or before the consumption of any medicine from OnlinemedsAustralia, it is essential that you first talk to your doctor and get professional advice.
  • The information of the drugs that has been given on OnlinemedsAustralia, is only meant for the purpose of providing information. It has not been provided with the intentions of providing medical advice or giving treatment or giving a diagnosis. If you rely solely on the information provided at the website, we are in no way liable for any harm or any kind of adverse effects that may occur to you, as a result of your actions.
  • When placing your order of prescription medicines at the website, you confirm that you are going to send us a scanned copy of your valid prescription(s), via Whatsapp, fax, email or post. You also confirm that you are aware that this prescription which you have sent us, will then be subject to the scrutiny, as well as the approval or disapproval of our qualified pharmacists.
  • On your behalf, it is even possible for a Caregiver to order prescription medicines, at OnlinemedsAustralia.

OnlinemedsAustralia, an entirely licensed and regulated pharmacy, has taken all the required precautions to ensure strict abidance with all the laws and regulations that have been laid down, with regards to dispensing of prescription medications. By placing any order of prescription medicines at the website, you have agreed that you have acknowledged and accepted the terms on the website, with regards to the purchases made by you and of the prescription medicines that are available at the website.


OnlinemedsAustralia reserves full rights to change the Terms and Conditions, as and when is deemed fit by us, without giving any prior notice whatsoever. Any and all changes that are made by us, will take place effective as soon as we post the revised Terms and Conditions on the website. It is entirely your responsibility to read these new Terms and Conditions at the OnlinemedsAustralia website, on a regular basis. Following the changes in the Terms and Conditions at the website, upon your continued usage of the site, it will thus be constituted that you are in agreement with the new Terms and Conditions and you will thus be automatically bound by the new Terms and Conditions at the OnlinemedsAustralia website. These Terms and Conditions have been published on August 01, 2023.